Color saturation with high fidelity

Ultrafiltration no clogging caused

Which is better, dye ink or pigment ink?
A: That depends on what effect you want to receive.
For pigment ink, it is waterproof and high lightfast.  
It is a better choice if the output needs to be kept for a long time.
For dye inks, its color gamut is wider.
Therefore, it is a better choice if you only need to get a vivid image.
Furthermore, the price of dye ink  is far less than that of pigment ink.
We supply dye ink ,pigment ink and sublimation ink .
Full range of ink for HP,EPSON, CANON, LEXMARK, BROTHER and so on ,
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Why Choose Us ?
1.100% compatible with the original ink.  
2.With 3 grade filtration, clean the impurities and particles the ink, never clog the nozzle.
3.The ink is tested under low and high temperature several times,
 to keep the ink’s chemical stability.
4. Use our ink can save more than 80% printing expenses. 
5. High compatibility , barly blocking the printer head
6. High quality assurance,3 times QC testing before ex-factory
7. 100% guarantee and 1:1 replacement for defecktive goods
8. Competitive prices, for larger quantity prices are consultable

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